Facebook’s Our Friend

Posted September 14th, 2012 by admin and filed in social media
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I didn’t hear it, but I understand Mark Zuckerberg’s speech this week at TechCrunch was to-the-point  and powerful, emphasizing the social mission at the heart of his Facebook enterprise.

The social network’s experienced some serious business this year – with an IPO and all. The fact that their shares are significantly de-valued at the moment doesn’t help. Nonetheless there’s little question that FB remains an indispensable part of the lives of millions, and it’s intensifying while competitors (G+) flounder.

As administrator of Business Pages for several companies, I’m at times frustrated by FB’s interface, which can be infuriating, stuck, or stupid. On the other hand, the social network brings my clients phenomenal business growth. It’s exciting to watch them assimilate the culture and become skillful communicators there. The communities they’re building are supportive, rich sources of inspiration as well as revenue.

But the main motivation for this post is my recent sense that FB has become truly, deeply meaningful to my own emotional life. I’m not yet addicted, and would survive separation. The time will come, though, I bet.

I’ve renewed acquaintances, made new ones, learned, explored, shared, and often been touched by FB. It has become my trusted Friend.