Writing Style and Social Media

Posted February 6th, 2010 by admin and filed in Communications, social media
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Social media is a good place for writers. It can be a bit of a challenge for non-writers. You can produce content using other media besides text (e.g., video or audio); that’s the best way to get around a distaste for writing. But if you choose to write for the internet – most everyone does write at least Twitter and Facebook updates – consider some ways you can help yourself and your rankings by making your writing better.

By better, I mean more accurate, more appealing, more evocative, more powerful.

There are as many tricks for beefing up your writing as there are people. If you seem to be blogging to a vacuum, if your comments get no reactions, if nobody ever re-tweets you – would it help if your writing was more attractive?

What does that mean, more attractive writing? It’s a question of fine-tuning the temperature, adjusting either up or down, according to the tastes of the reader you wish to attract.  So, for example:

  • Start with: We went to the movies.
  • Make it hotter: We saw a cool flick.
  • Make it cooler: We took in a film.

More to come soon on this theme.