Who Ya Gonna Tweet?

Posted February 24th, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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How I decide who to follow on Twitter.

  • Does the email notification I receive from Twitter show a person or a business? If a business, is there any compelling reason to follow?
  • Has the person tweeted very much, or is s/he at just a couple tweets so far?  If you’re not already out there with your content, I’ll probably decline.
  • Do you have 73 thousand follows and 3 followers? No thanks.
  • When and if I click through to your Twitter page, do you have name, location, website, and description reasonably filled out?  Good, because if any of these are missing, it’s a nix.
  • Is the look of your Twitter page repulsive in any way? Forget it.
  • Do you tweet nothing but one-liners from motivation coaches and Ghandi? Oh, please.
  • Do you duplicate the same tweet over and over? It’s just not worth it.
  • If, when I look at your profile page, I don’t understand a single tweet, you’re outta here.

Is all this harsh, in your estimation? You bet it is. With auto-following programs polluting the process and spammy laziness a human condition (it seems), you can’t mess around. Be selective in your social media liaisons. Life’s too short for misalliances.