Website Development Special

Exclusive Offer to Subscribers and Friends
through January 31, 2012, only!
6-Page WordPress Website built to your specifications 
(ecommerce sites not included)

You provide web hosting and all text, images, and logos. I work with you and your host files to *build the site, *optimize it for search engines, *upload and configure necessary plugins, *connect the site to social media channels, and *provide two weeks of free consultation following site’s launch.

*PLUS, you get training from me in
how to use WordPress for quick and easy updates.

You won’t see such a great deal again.
The time is now to create or renovate your website.

A few samples of my work.

There’s one caveat: all work on your site must be completed with one month from the contract date. Any delays attributable to the site owner will carry an extra fee. Delays attributable to Virtual Writing and Communications will not carry extra fees.

Send me the info below and we’ll get started pronto!

Please contact me right away about website development.

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