“Ubiquitous Sharing”

Posted April 30th, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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Back in 2007, a bunch of disillusioned aging hippies (including me) hopped on the internet. Yes, we were late bloomers, but we made up for it in enthusiasm. For many, the thrill continues to titillate. After almost three years, I’m still happiest when working online.

No big surprise: I always loved libraries and that’s what the web seems like to me – like living in a library.

But the added dimension of contemporary, ‘real-time’ dialog enthralls us the most, right? It’s the social media that wins our passionate loyalties.

Technological advances are awesome, indeed; but questions about protocols, usage, effective marketing methods, and best practices online suggest that the internet is affecting people, thought-processes, and communications in powerful new ways.

“Social sharing is a major behavioral shift, the most important so far of the 21st century,” said David Armano on the Harvard Business Review this week.

Right now, Facebook is leading the charge. But the phenomenon is far less about Facebook, or Twitter, or any specific channel, than it is about what Armano calls, “ubiquitous sharing.”

That’s the aspect of the web that truly snags our interest. It’s the challenge and promise of a new society that keeps me online.