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Posted May 26th, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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Facebook’s grabbing all the headlines these days, but let’s talk about Twitter for a minute.  FB is mundane, but Twitter is divine.

Dan Schawbel tweeted yesterday: “In order from highest to lowest conversion rate: Email > Blog > LinkedIn > Facebook > Twitter.”

Odd that the service is often seen as the underdog. Not so many members, not such fabulous return. In there, but trailing behind.

First thing every day, I check my emails, the news, and Twitter, in that order. BUT (true confessions time) I very seldom do original tweets. I react, retweet, even post links. But you won’t read much that’s just me. Why is that?

The simple truth is that I haven’t gotten past the awesomeness of everyone else’s updates. I’m still thrilled with the experience of just going to my tweetdeck and seeing what people are up to.

I tweet quite a bit on behalf of clients. I know how to use the tool as information exchange. But how to use it to express ME? Gee, I’m just not there yet.

It’s okay to take your time getting to know your options in online inbound marketing. It’s a relationship, after all. Not created in a day.

  • Kay Hunkins

    Good article. I assume “conversion” rate means those who read, become my client and I get paid?…..that's conversion for me. Good to read a prioritized list. I have been toiling over which mediums and when to begin. Obviously the two most with highest conversion rate are also the two most time and knowledge-demanding. How can we make short blurbs on Twitter that will compete with Email and Blogs?Thanks for post!