Time for social media

Posted October 17th, 2011 by admin and filed in social media
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The most pressing question from business people who are learning about marketing online is, how much time will it take?

There’s no question that social media participation takes some time. One of the first questions I ask clients is, “How much time are you willing to commit each week to your social media presence?”

In truth, the time you spend on social media becomes secondary to the returns you’re earning through it. Soon enough, you realize that your online interaction with your market is invaluable in terms of customer retention, referrals, leads, and overall ROI. You’re happy to do whatever it takes to keep this flow going strong.

But it is not easy to make the transition, to make the leap of faith that commits you to content creation, social interactions, data analysis and all the rest. I sympathize with the small business owner who resents the imposition of this new learning curve.

Everything’s odd about digital communications. Everything takes getting used to. And then, suddenly, it’s ridiculously easy.

I sympathize with hesitations, but I do not excuse. It may be scary, but you should hop on the online marketing bus anyhow. In the end, you’ll find it deliciously rewarding.