Ninja marketing

Posted March 28th, 2011 by admin and filed in Communications, social media
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What is Ninja marketing?

I suspect it’s lithe, almost invisible, flexible, breathtaking, and infinitely sensitive. Doesn’t that sound like a Ninja to you?

An earlier generation might have labeled the type a samurai.

What gives this person power? Her command of those five attributes. She is:

Lithe: Dedicated to improvement, a kaizen sort of approach. Never repeating routines but always discovering newness.

Almost invisible: The Ninja operates in the shadows, dressed in black, like a Japanese Bunraku puppeteer.

Flexible: Nimble of mind as well as body, the Ninja marketer plans, devotes to the plan, and then knows when to change the plan.

Breathtaking: You know, it’s that “Be remarkable” thing that Seth Godin is always talking about.

Infinitely sensitive: This attribute was what motivated this blog post. A Ninja marketer listens with her whole being; she can tell when to speak and when to hear. Most of all, she knows that the way to look good is to make the other guy look good.

The Ninja marketer, if nothing else, lives by the faith that focus on the other pays and pays and pays. It’s a rule that works in social media, especially. Respond to realties; give where you’re needed.