Social media as empathy

Posted July 11th, 2011 by admin and filed in social media
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In a previous life – some 25 years ago – I studied improvisation for theater. Performed it some, too, though I was awful at it and quickly migrated to directing. Nonetheless, I learned the fascinating basics. The fundamentals of performance improv are as universally applicable as teachings of the ancients.

One of the first lessons in improvisation is the best and quickest way to make yourself look good is to make the other guy look good.

Personal assimilation of this truth is life-changing.

On the stage doing improv, you play the scene most satisfactorily when you work to make your fellow actors shine. The play’s the thing, not your status within it.

In life and business, as well, no matter what your goal, if you approach it from the viewpoint of other people, your success will increase. Make the other guy look good, as the improvisors say, and that makes you look good.

Social media gives us ample opportunities to exercise this reflexive rule. The web itself is about making connections, and linking, and referrals.

How much of your commentary on the networks is reflexive, pinging the profiles and pages of others? How might you benefit by being more inclusive?