Start at the end in social media planning

Posted March 28th, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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I help people, in my business, who I meet online, and also some folk from local networking meetings.

It’s a wide range of savvy. While the local peeps are bright and energetic as anyone, they’re not necessarily well-versed in the internet.

On one hand, there are the online entrepreneurs; and then on the other hand are the mostly brick-and-mortar business owners who keep society as we know it afloat.

Local people tend to be suspicious of social media evangelism. We inbound marketing freaks often don’t make a lot of sense as we attempt to relate the wonders of the internet universe in a 30 second elevator speech.

The digital pundits like to do the Moses bit, bringing down the New Marketing Laws. They like to threaten: anyone not conquering cyberspace right now is a loser!

Hogwash. Everyone needs to relax a little. Technology will serve our best interests if we remember it’s the means, not the end result.

When considering social media marketing, the first question is always, What end result am I seeking?

With your answer to this question firmly in mind, social media marketing begins to make sense. You’ll quickly find your level, and begin to see returns.