Social media as evolution

Posted February 27th, 2011 by admin and filed in Communications, social media
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If you read the news, you know a primary line of defense from Middle Eastern rulers desperate to maintain their authority in these revolutionary days is to cut off access to the internet. Targeting social networks, these beleaguered governments are caught in a contradiction. They abhor the democracy of social media but also recognize the power of leading communicators like Facebook and Twitter. They want to deny the very existence of social vehicles and at the same time they know the web represents the single greatest threat to their dictatorships.

It’s like insisting on finishing your drink even though the house is on fire.

When reality counters your expectations and desires, can you bend? Or do you hold on to your long-accustomed dictatorships?

Small businesses are models of productivity that are most open to change, most able to adapt quickly to new technologies, political realities, economic constraints, and all the tools involved in doing business. Yet many a small business owner operates more like a stuck-in-mud dictator than a ninja.

What’s the difference? Dictators think, “If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough.” Ninjas think, “If it’s good enough, it’s not the best.”

Social media is evolution in person.