Size vs. distinction

Posted November 1st, 2010 by admin and filed in Branding, Communications
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Being bigger or more powerful is less effective than being a certain color, or feeling, or fragrance.

This is now a reality because amongst the seven billion people on Earth, measurements of size or value fade into fuzz. Measurements that compare an individual’s specific experience to a vast field of previous exposures serve now as our rulers. Though many societal standards yet remain, the burden is on the individual to develop and maintain exclusive parameters, to create a personal path.

Nowadays, we are each our own employer. Everyone works for him/herself. Even if you don’t, it’s time for you to start thinking of yourself as if you were. What are you offering to the productive flow of daily life? How do you describe your contribution? What is the best expression of your gifts?

Rather suddenly, having the answers to these questions has become mandatory for anyone in – or seeking to be in – the working world.

Within the past decade, it has become more effective in marketing to target narrowly.  Billboard advertising is no longer necessary. The smart company defines itself in terms of its customers. It’s not about your mission, it’s about your actions. It’s about your brand.