Should every business have a blog?

Posted February 1st, 2011 by admin and filed in Branding, Communications, social media
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A recent Quora question asked: Should every business have a blog?

Currently, I’m hoarding all commentary about blogging because I have a community college class to teach this spring, centering on inbound marketing with a special focus on blogging. So the Query (Quory?) was pertinent.

But I was amazed that the answers (before my input) were all effusively in the affirmative, with the top vote-getter claiming that doing without a blog is okay if “you don’t actually sell to humans,” but de rigueur otherwise.

How insular we can be in the vastness of cyberspace! How proud, forgetting that the vast majority of humankind has no inkling of blogging or anything of the sort. What blind arrogance to suggest that every manicurist and bagel joint will fail without an online presence.

The point is not that every business needs to have a blog. Blogging must be guided by the top minds, the recognized leaders and the challengers to leadership; the innovators, reporters, and socialites.

No, every business does not need to produce a blog. But every business, sooner or later, will need to read blogs, to stay current with their market and peers. Blogging isn’t mandatory, but respect for blogging is.