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Posted January 8th, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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One thing prominent on my list of to-dos is to get an account at Hootsuite. It’s a service that’s earned high praise from all quarters, and I could be more efficient by using it.

But Jason Falls wrote a post today that reminded me why that task seems to stay on the list and not get crossed out. I’ve a slightly indignant disinclination to can my messages. Remember that term? We used to speak of canned music: a recording, not the real thing.

If you plaster a single, duplicated message across many different platforms, you’re taking the belligerent route, IMO.  Belligerence describes old marketing; the new inbound marketing emphasizes a soft sell.

To post the same updates to Twitter and Facebook, for instance, ignores the unique energy of each site. Why confine Facebook to Twitter’s 140 characters, as if the use and character of these two tools were the same? It’s like using a screwdriver as a hammer.

There are really solid reasons why “the big 3″ – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – have gained prominence. They’re each useful in their own right, for different things and different people at different times. To homogenize them is to lose their usefulness entirely.

  • Renee Shupe

    I couldn't agree with you more. I do have all of the inter connected because there are times where it's useful to make an update across the board, but I try to spend time at each one individually as well.

  • maryhruth

    Whew! I was worrying no one agrees. Thanks for saying so. And it's true,
    certainly some kinds of updates are fine to spread across the board.


  • DawnTrenee

    FYI: You can still use Hootsuite to simplify your social media and still maintain different postings at each site. Hootsuite can just be that cock pit to do this from. Some items may over lap and so you have the ease of having the ability to access those accounts in 1 place and watch RSS feeds and lists and searching and …..

  • maryhruth

    Yeah, you're absolutely right. I'm gonna get that Hootsuite account toute suite!

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