Quantity or quality in social media?

Posted January 26th, 2011 by admin and filed in Branding, social media
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There’s an ongoing trend in social media that is patently at cross-purposes to the best of digital communications.

The world of online marketing is divided in two: those who get it and those who game it.

There are those, for instance, who suddenly get in a snit about avalanches of spam on their Facebook accounts. Of course, they have indiscriminately added all takers as friends over the past couple of years, so that by now most updates are from total strangers.

Similarly, there are people who invite the world to connect with them on LinkedIn.

And people who use a service to write updates once and spread the same message across all platforms.

These folk are into quantity. They haven’t got the message that inbound marketing values the quality of your connections far more than their quantity.

It’s easy to get “followers” online; but what you want is leads, actual potential buyers, right?

The internet’s solution to that ancient quest is to drastically heighten the impact of branding. Instead of pursuing huge numbers of faceless followers, you seek only the most qualified leads.

Social media’s tools cover a broad range of uses. Do you manipulate them with savvy or greed?

  • http://www.acceleratedonline.net/ David Lelong

    I think it’s so easy to get consumed by adding followers because it’s a tangible metric and gives a sense of accomplishment. It’s a better use of time and energy to interact with the right followers so you can provide insight and information to an audience that truly cares.