Part nerd, part bard

Posted November 10th, 2010 by admin and filed in Communications, social media
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One of the surprising aspects of social media is its juxtaposition of technical and lyrical demands.

As an inbound marketing specialist, I need to be facile with the technical workings of multiple networking and publishing websites; and then for the next assignment, I must compose copy for updates, content, or blogs.

The variety in my work is a big part of its appeal for me. Some might claim that it’s unlikely one individual can excel both technically and lyrically. Science and poetry are forever at odds, isn’t it true?

On the other hand, it may be that anyone can excel by combining contrasting sides of themselves. It may be that social media’s strength lies in the ways it synthesizes experience. Here, no medium of expression is beyond anyone’s reach: the resulting combinations are endless. How any one person uses the interactive web is a matter of profoundly personal expression.

And here’s the punch line. I learned some years ago that you can count on profoundly personal expressions to be awesomely and uniformly beautiful. After years of studying the arts, I came to know that it is not ‘talent’ but creativity itself that produces the most passionate and inspiring art works.