Outsourcing your blogging

Posted June 25th, 2011 by admin and filed in Branding, social media
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A client asked me to write blogs for them, entirely from scratch. They wanted me to create the editorial calendar, select the keywords, research, and compose the posts once a week.

Now let’s say that the client’s business is home remodeling. My business, on the other hand, is administrative and marketing assistance.

I can take your title and keywords plus a few thoughts from you, do some research, write with confidence while empathizing with readers, and publish outstanding posts that come across authentically.

On such a level, blogging can be outsourced.

But many misunderstand. You can’t outsource the entire blog if you want to be successful with it.

If I’m Googling to find a good home remodeler, one that blogs personably will be more attractive to me than one with generic, throw-away posts.

Blogging is not marketing; it’s not even business networking. It’s the genuine voice of the organization.

If you do not want to write your business blog, you can:

  1. have a weekly conversation with a writer, who will summarize your voice for a post;
  2. find a person in your field and pay them to post on your website regularly;
  3. post photos or videos or podcasts.