Online echoes

Posted July 5th, 2010 by admin and filed in Branding, social media
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You may have heard the observation that the web’s divided between content-producers, commenters, and lurkers. Relatively few people want to spend any of their time producing content; not many are willing even to compose a comment.

Therefore, although inbound marketing and social media are key strategies for every business, it is not to be assumed that the business owner is the Voice of their online presence.

If you run a business but don’t wish to be a content producer for the internet, what are your choices? I’ll offer just a few basic solutions here.

  1. Get a digital voice recorder and talk into it. Let your virtual assistant transcribe and upload.
  2. Identify someone in your company who can be trusted to take on the role.
  3. Organize your company so that all workers share in the demands of online responsiveness.
  4. Work with a social media assistant who can help you devise the best solutions for your specific situation.

Generous sharing of knowledge is what you are doing online, demonstrating sufficient personal investment to win your visitors’ trust.

Your internet Voice has to be real and honest, but it does not have to be your own Voice or nothing.