Medium vs. Message

Posted June 25th, 2012 by admin and filed in Communications
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I’ve been privileged to attend the Digital Publishing Summit offered by D’vorah Lansky over the past two weeks. 22 speakers and an impressive amount of information about using internet tools to spread your message. Write a book and re-purpose it into video, audio, short posts, courses, webinars … the full gamut of content forms. Make your message available in whatever format your reader prefers. Your $20 book may become a $97 video or a $299 course. Same info; new – and slicker – format.

The concept of an entrepreneurial author is a new one to me and I’m still mulling its meaning. Nonetheless, one of the most dynamic speakers of the event was David Hancock, who labels himself that way. Despite his brilliance, I wonder about the deconstruction of writing, its commercialization.

It may be that Hancock does not revere writing. He seems to suggest transcending all types of media in favor of your message and the ways it can help people. In other words, your book doesn’t matter; it’s the message it shares that’s important.

Instead of deciding that you must publish a book, identify an issue that you can solve. The key is helpful information, however it’s presented.