It’s about trust

Posted August 2nd, 2010 by admin and filed in Branding, social media
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My son, who’s twenty-something and somewhat impulsive, recently ditched his Facebook account, saying he “wasn’t doing anything with it.”

In the short time I was connected to him there, I doted on his updates, of course. Pictures of my grandson,  recommended TED lectures, reports of outings and parties, comments to his posts from other family members.

He never updated much, but it was enough.

I miss him already.

Now, he’s my son, and our closeness has nothing to do with Facebook. I am using this situation as an example, however. He doesn’t know it, but seeing my son’s infrequent appearances on my News Page would make my day.

The moral of this story is that it’s advisable to think of your social media activities as objectively as possible. What you get out of online relationships is important, but always the primary reason for participating in social media is to increase trust – in you, or your business, or your ideas, or whatever. Trust is oxygen in cyberspace.

Other people come to depend on you being there. The quantity of your updates doesn’t matter at all, really, as long as we know you’re consistently there. If you go away, you disappear.