Is it cheating to pre-schedule tweets?

Posted March 3rd, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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Twitter users are divided on the issue of pre-scheduled tweets.

Do you use SocialOomph or Twuffer to set up messages that will post sometime in the future? Or do you view such tactics as heretical, diametrically opposed to what Twitter’s all about?

The beauty of Twitter is its emphasis on the here and now, with authentic, nearly real-time communications between real people. In such a context, pre-scheduled tweets seem not much different from billboards.

Some people will only do in-the-moment interactions on Twitter.

Others use pre-scheduled tweets in various ways. I’ve noticed some who respond spontaneously on a regular basis, but also run branded pre-arranged tweets just as regularly. Others aren’t shy about having almost all their tweets pre-recorded. The most famous twitter gurus don’t run these kinds of tweets, but I’m not sure that means they’re ineffective (the pre-mades, not the gurus).

Though I likened them to billboards, these aren’t really ads. They’re more like announcements, updates, information. I come from a non-profit background, so it’s not hard for me to see the difference. On Twitter or any social network, the PSA (public service announcement) is perfectly acceptable, but the advertisement is verboten.

What’s your take on the issue?

  • robinholstein

    If you use a microwave to fix dinner, are you still cooking?

    As technology evolves the purpose for programs will evolve.