Growing Pains in Social Media

Posted September 10th, 2012 by admin and filed in social media
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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest: the requisite vehicles to bring you success in internet marketing efforts.

Interesting how the first two have been leading the social media scene for well over five years; the third was recently purchased by the first; and the fourth burst on the scene only last year, gaining popularity faster than any before.

Note the trend towards graphics. No question that people love pictures.

Also note (once again) Zuckerberg’s prescience in purchasing Instagram. He didn’t just know how important images are; he also knew that the social media times they are a-changin’.

Because it seems obvious that right now there’s dwindling innovation on the social media scene. We’ve been sitting with the giants for several years now without major upheaval (Google+ is cool, but no contender). And the newcomers are decorative rather than substantial.

The reason for this slowdown is, I suspect, providential. We need time to assimilate. A large percent  of people in business are not connected yet online. And those who are – who have Facebook pages and/or websites – have a long way to go before they’re gunslingers. Social media is a complex, learned technique and we have a way to go yet.