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What’s the infatuation with gamification? In an otherwise stupendous presentation by Charlene Li today, she proclaimed gamification to be a major wave of the future in the working world. Briefly, the term refers to awards programs, in which badges, points, testimonials and such accumulate to the individual’s credit. These “games” are located on a company’s proprietary social network, and involve employees in what is labeled “social” ways.

That’s where I get stuck. Why are the words competition and social taken to mean the same thing? Gamification reminds me of Girl Scouts, where she who dies with the most badges wins.

The internet is awesomely amazing to me because it allows us to transcend competition. There’s room for every individual to build their unique brand, and thereby attract a market. You find customers through affinity, not through brute strength.

They’ll send me a link to Li’s webcast transcript*, and I’ll post it as an addendum here. It’s absolutely on the edge. It includes Li’s visions of how smart phones will get smarter; the assertion that Watson will fit in our pockets within the decade; and a look at how social will come to be the driver of business at all levels.


Here’s the re-play. Strongly recommended!