Far, and also near

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Are you selling locally?  Is your market defined by a geographic area? If so, are you tuned into your LBSNs?

That’s what my amazing social media marketing teacher calls them.  Sites that celebrate and offer opportunities for local businesses are location-based social networks, or LBSNs. Yelp.com; FourSquare; Open Table; Groupon; Loopt and the like.

It’s fun learning about these multiple channels that truly help bridge the communications gap for brick-and-mortar enterprises. It’s a thrill to examine the brass tacks of what social media is becoming for Main Street. I work with these people, the small businesses who are the lifeblood of all commerce.

It’s also a remarkable privilege to receive these teachings through Craig Cannings of VAclassroom.com. The guy is nothing short of brilliant, as an observer and even more as a teacher. The sheer volume of info he conveys digitally is awesome in itself; but the efficiency as well as sensitivity with which it’s delivered is especially rare.

I interviewed Craig for the Virtual Assistant Forums a while ago, if you’d like to read more about him.

Isn’t it divine? Through the guidance of a guru from across the continent, I’m brought closer to businesses in my own community.

  • http://www.vaclassroom.com/ Craig

    Mary, so glad to hear that our courses at VAClassroom have had a good impact on your business. It has been such a pleasure having you apart of the many conversations happening in our community and the VA industry as a whole!

  • http://www.writingVA.com/blog.php maryhruth

    Forgive me for putting you in the limelight all of a sudden. Seems you're shy about such things.