Facebook Warm Fuzzies

Posted February 28th, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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There’s no denying I’m an oldster, one of the many 40-60 year-olds who comprise the fastest growing demographic on Facebook. But there’s good reason to fall in love with this capricious new friend.

I joined up a couple years ago, and have been slow to acclimate to Facebook. But in the past 6 months, it has solidly advanced to become a favored retreat. Like that song, Up On the Roof;  like that place “Where everybody knows your name.” Exactly like that, customized to me.

Do you know people who don’t have Facebook accounts, yet it’s sure they would revel in it? We’re human, we’re sociable, and our relationships over time and distance can easily be maintained through this amazing tool. To 50 plussers, this is miraculous.

I love the Like option, so you can just give thumbs-up to someone. Isn’t this what the world needs, this kind of affirmation of one another on a constant basis?

Lately, I’ve made use of the chat option, which is pretty wild if your dialog is with someone you haven’t seen or talked to in 40 years.

Facebook is definitely growing on me, I’m ready to admit. It’s a warm fuzzy kind of feeling.