Facebook renovates, again

Posted August 17th, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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So what do you think of Facebook’s switch to narrower tab pages? Heretofore, we could use a 700+ pixel-wide table and our tabs showed as simple pages without sidebars. As of next Monday, sidebars will show on either side of every 520 pixel-wide tab page.

Facebook mumbles something about how this will make navigation easier, but obviously it’s to increase their available ad space, right? I’m wondering why this isn’t being discussed; perhaps you can enlighten me.

Fact is, it’s a little disturbing that Facebook feels compelled to change the rules on us so often. I’m not opposed to change, but from a marketing and public relations standpoint, I’m beginning to think Facebook is dangerously pushing their luck.

The news lately has talked about a phenomenon in corporate economics in which an organization is too big to fail. Does Facebook count itself amongst these behemoths?

Certainly, reputation loudly proclaims that the company – particularly its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg – couldn’t care less about the software’s users. Considering that we pay nary a cent for using it, we can hardly complain. And Facebook substitutes are not easy to imagine.

It’s fascinating how the tail is wagging the dog, don’t you think?