Facebook perplexities

Posted June 7th, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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A new client has a successful personal page on Facebook, with many friends and lots of interaction. I was wondering why I should hassle her to start a business page, when her personal page is plenty lively already, with lots of updates pertaining to her business. And then I was reminded that FB discourages that sort of behavior. Doing business on a personal page is against the rules.

There are good reasons for this, I suppose. Cluttering up the network with a million pages of inane ad-babble would be obscene.

But then, no one would friend/like such a page, right? The whole idea of social media marketing is to attract people to your remarkableness, and your obvious integrity.

In my client’s case, as with other very small business owners, the seamless interweaving of personality and the business is what makes it all work so well. It’s my client’s passion that brings her success. She and her work are lovers: platonic, but fierce. Her friends and her fans/likes are the same.

By barring personal pages from doing business, Facebook’s policies contradict a fundamental of social media: its emphasis on the human element, on transparency and the person behind the corporate facade.

  • http://www.kayhunkins.cm Kay

    Questions…..Will maintaining a business page and minimally maintaining a personal page be as successful business-wise as keeping a balance of the two?……Do some people might want a purely business relatinship? Thanks for the post, very informative.

  • http://www.writingVA.com/blog.php maryhruth

    Most successful for business would be maintaining a business page, IMO. But since FB began as a purely social site, many people built their personal profiles and friends lists before business pages were even available.

    Whew! What a learning curve for all of us.