Brevity is the soul of blogging

Posted January 15th, 2011 by admin and filed in Communications, social media
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In case you never read the sidebar here, notice that every post on this blog is exactly 200 words long. This somewhat dramatic style allows me to perfect my writing, refine my message, optimize my time, and serve my reader all in one fell swoop. Whether or not I wield the tool as well as some others might, it’s a practice I enjoy and espouse. Here’s why:

Short is sweet. Those who insist a blog post has no worth unless it’s at least 500 words are deluded. How often do you cringe at the challenge a long piece of writing presents?

I love to read, I read all day long. Still, my desktop is full of pdfs awaiting that mythical moment when I decide it’s okay to dedicate the next hour to reading for miscellaneous learning. When there are too many to fit, they all go into a folder named “Read.” But I never do.

In many cases, length is a good thing. Absorbing novels, detailed histories, cookbooks, can you think of a bunch more? But in a blog, if you’re truly looking at things from your reader’s point of view, you know pith is far preferable to purple prose.