Anybody out there?

Posted December 14th, 2010 by admin and filed in social media
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One site that offers a way to search for tweeps (people using Twitter) who live in a certain location is‘s TwellowHood, where you can search Twitterers by city. Browsing there just now, I spent a chunk of time searching for old acquaintances from my area. The result was disappointing.

Admittedly, my age is somewhat advanced, and my location relatively rural. Even so, I’m surprised I could find no more than two or three old buddies in a half-hour’s search. Why have so few of my peers latched on to the promise of Twitter?

I do I find Twitter difficult to describe. “You just gotta be there.” Not a convincing come-on when addressed to the skeptical.

But no doubt, Twitter’s not going away.  It facilitates almost everything in public communications: friendly banter, advertising, information, updates, you-name-it pronouncements to the world. It’s news on our own terms.

Twitter is graffiti gentrified.

For commerce, Twitter is the buzz about your biz. Whether a steady quiet hum or a pitch of frenzy, digital buzz has become essential to business. Twitter monitors your buzz frequencies and lets you monitor that of others, within real time perspectives.

Surely my old friends will soon see the light.